I was taking some pictures for an article and when I saw how this one turned out I knew it had to be a sinful sunday post! I have to admit that I am in love with my bum ūüėÄ so obviously I loved it immediately. But, I also like a lot the overall feeling […]

25 Maggio, 2019

My new piece of lingerie


I recently bought a couple of new pieces of lingerie so I couldn’t skip participating in Lingerie is For Everyone that Violet Fawkes started last week! This particular pair makes me feel like a Pin Up or as someone from the 50s. I don’t know why but it has this vintage feel… Maybe it’s the […]

30 Gennaio, 2019

On Knee-point


I’m learning new submissive positions and this one is really beautiful to look at! Unfortunately, it is not easy at all‚Ķ My knees were hurting a lot, so it’s definetly not a position one could hold for a long time‚Ķ But for a quick punishment it’s quite good! Click on the lips to see who […]

18 Novembre, 2018

Welcome home!


For this week’s Sinful Sunday I recreated one of my favorite fantasies, welcoming my SO home with only a coat on and almost nothing underneath‚Ķ Click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week!

21 Ottobre, 2018