Where can you buy sex toys?


One of the most important brands in the industry, with beautiful sex toys. But it is not only beauty that makes Lelo‘s toys so attractive… They give awesome sensations. And their customer service is very good and fast.

If the price is a bit too much for you, you can always get something from PicoBong, Lelo’s younger and cheaper brand.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory is another high-quality brand of sex toys’ industry. They have free shipping on all orders. I love the shapes of their vibrators and the fact that they have so many colours that are not pink… red, blue, green, purple, black… YES! I crave variety and here we have a lot of variety. Besides you’ll find Pulsators from Fun Factory! They are not Vibrators. They don’t vibrate, they mimic the movements of penetration and give unique sensations.

The Dodil

Where can I begin? The Dodil is a dildo you can shape every time you want, to give it the shape you prefer. It is 90% biodegradable. Furthermore the compay uses the least polluting shipping method in order to have the least environmental impact. And finally their customer service is flawless. They are extremely nice and they are willing to replace the dodil if there are any problems.


I am in love with Effulgence Ambit, an explosion of glitter and colour. I love them. Shipping is about 10 euros and they are very nice too.


Lovehoney is not a brand. It is a shop where you can find everything, sex toys, bondage, lingerie, and lubricants. Shipping is 9.95 euros and it’s free over 40 euros.

Juicy Room

Juicy Room is a wonderful Italian sex toys’ shop. You can find here body-safe and cruelty-free sex toys. All sex toys are selected carefully and you have a lot to choose from! You’ll find classics and latest from the sex toys industry. There is a minimum amount of 40 euros that you have to spend. Shipping is 6 euros if you spend less than 60, and it’s free over 60 euros.

BS Atelier

Do you want a handmade dildo, customized with the colours you like? BS Atelier is the right place! You have a whole lot of colours to choose from. Otherwise you can pick one of the designs that are already available. 

PeepShow Toys

PeepShow is another shop where you can find everything. They sell only body-safe, non-toxic products. And this is something to admire in a sex toys’ shop.

Betty’s Toy Box

First of all let’s appreciate for a moment Betty’s Toy Box website’s style. I don’t know about you but I like it a lot! I appreciated a lot that on the pages of porous sex toys they have a box where they inform customers about porosity. It explains what does it mean and how should you behave in this situation. Luckily the majority of their sex toys are body-safe and this is why I include them here. Shipping for Europe is expensive, 49,95 $. BUT. With an order above 225 $ shipping is free. So you might want to shop with a friend… In order to get to that amount and have free shipping.