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REVIEWS / Thursday, November 14th, 2019


My sex toys collection keeps getting bigger and bigger and today we’re going to talk about the newest addition: the clitoral vibrator Vibease. It is a great vibrator for couples that have a long-distance relationship. Thanks to its app, you can use it with your partner even if they are halfway around the world.

You just need to connect your toy to the app via Bluetooth and invite your partner to play! They will be able to control your toy’s vibrations through the app.

I like it a lot aesthetically, even if I would have preferred a broader choice of colors. Pinks and purples are nice, but what about some green or orange? Other colors deserve some love too 😉



Vibease vibrator

Vibease comes in a small box that has the company’s logo and an image of the toy near a smartphone on one side, and a list of its features on the other side.

Inside the box, you can find the toy, a small bag, two USB charging cables (a shorter and a longer one) and a package leaflet. As always, I appreciate a lot the small storage bag. Having multiple toys is great, but after a while, the boxes are too many and having nice storage bags helps to keep everything in place.


Vibease vibrator

The vibrator has an oval shape and a nice tip on one side for better clitoral stimulation. It is covered with silicone and has a velvet-like surface that’s pleasant to touch.

On the back, you can find a power button and a button to change the vibration mode. It is rechargeable and lasts up to three hours. It is also waterproof so you can have fun with it in the shower.

It is thought to be wearable and used hands-free. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use it hands-free. It kept changing position and I had to keep it in place with one hand.

Vibease vibrator

The app

The app is maybe the part that I loved the most! Inside the app, there is a library of audiobooks in synch with the sex toy. The vibrations change while you listen to the erotic stories. If you hear “I’m caressing you” or similar soft and sweet phrases, Vibease vibrates slowly. And if you hear more passionate words then Vibease vibrates harder.

Each audiobook is different and you need to listen to it to find out what kind of vibrations it has. You need to pay to listen to some of them but there are also some that are free and the stories are equally exciting!

You can write messages, call, and videocall your partner within the app and continue the conversation even during erotic games. It is certainly a great ally for couples who have long-distance relationships.

What do I think

Vibease vibrator

I really enjoyed playing with my partner while using Vibease. Having someone else control when and how I can have an orgasm was frustrating and exciting at the same time…

If we were still in a long-distance relationship, this would have been my most used sex toy for sure.

But it is not only useful for couples! It is also great for playing alone. I like the feature of creating custom vibrations within the app. You can change the pattern and the intensity of the vibrations whenever you feel like it.


I recommend this vibrator to anyone who loves clitoral orgasms and to those who want to try a smart vibrator.

We already use our phones for almost everything. Why not use it to give ourselves orgasms? Vibease takes virtual sex to a higher level and allows you to feel even closer to your partner when they are away.

If you want to know more visit Vibease’s website.

Vibease was kindly sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my review in any way.

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