Kisses and colours… Did you try the white, red or black ones?

GUIDES / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Have you ever heard about the snowflake kiss? Do you know what it is? Could you immagine what it could be? And the strawberry kiss or the black kiss? If you are a bit confused, don’t worry, I was too! I’ll explain you what are these colourful kisses!

Snowflake kiss

A snowflake kiss is a kiss where you exchange cum from one mouth to another. It’s a pretty common scene in porn but I had no idea that this is how you call it. Your partner ejaculates in your mouth, you don’t swallow it, instead you put his sperm in his mouth and then he kisses you. Or he could cum on your body, lick his cum and then kiss you.

Strawberry kiss

A strawberry kiss is a kiss enhanced with menstrual blood. Cunnilingus is very pleasurable, both to do and to receive. A lot of couples don’t do anything sexual during menstruation. But if you’d like some play during your period, a strawberry kiss is an awesome idea! Besides, having orgasms when you’re on your period is a great way to fight cramps! ūüėČ

Black kiss

A black kiss is a practice of kissing and licking your partner’s anus. How do you do it in a safe way? First rule: keep everything clean. Wash carefully with water and soap. Don’t go from the anus to another orifice before washing yourself well. That’s because the bacteria from the anus can bring infections and nobody wants that. To protect yourself during the play use a dental dam.

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